Reforestation in Valle California

Valle California is a stunning Patagonian valley that embodies the essence of Patagonia: it is framed by snow-capped mountains and features a pristine, winding river and verdant stretches of land.

However, much of what is now open pasture was once thick forest that was burned indiscriminately by settlers in the early 1900s. Since then, invasive plant species and unsustainable cattle ranching have prevented areas of Valle California from renewing itself.

Patagonia Sur’s Carbon Offsets project reverses this trend by improving already breathtaking vistas and preserving the local Patagonian culture, all while mitigating the damaging effects of global warming by absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere. In addition to sequestering carbon dioxide, Patagonia Sur's Valle California reforestation program benefits the area’s ecology as well as the rural economy, by:
  • Controlling soil erosion
  • Strengthening native plant communities
  • Reducing the number of invasive, non-native plant species
  • Improving habitat for the region’s wildlife.
  • Creating new, sustainable jobs for area residents
Do you want to make a difference? You and your friends can help reverse the effects of climate change and improve air quality.
How? By offsetting your CO2 emissions through native reforestation in Chilean Patagonia!

Patagonia Sur Carbon Offsets [3 min version] from Patagonia Sur on Vimeo.

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