Who We Are & What We Do

Patagonia Sur is a preeminent sustainable development company that invests in, protects, and enhances scenically remarkable and ecologically valuable ecosystems in Chilean Patagonia.
Patagonia Sur’s business model merges conservation and capitalism seamlessly and symbiotically. Our professional family includes two distinct, sustainable businesses: Real Estate and Carbon Offsets, and three non-profit organizations dedicated to conservation: The Patagonia Sur Foundation, Reforest Patagonia and the Tierra Austral Foundation, Chile’s first land trust.

Patagonia Sur has developed a world-class, first-of-its-kind real estate model centered around conservation. After years of studying and exploring the region, we acquired seven remarkable, distinct, and unique ecosystems totaling more than 60,000 acres. Of note, is the use of an innovative and practical Chilean legal agreement, the Servidumbre Voluntaria, which guarantee the permanent protection of the Valle California Reserve, allowing conservation-minded families to jointly-own and enjoy a magnificent ecosystem, with the assurance that its beauty will be preserved forever. Patagonia Sur plans to develop similar agreements for its other remaining properties based on the needs and vision of future buyers.  

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As the first carbon offsets project in Chile to use native-species trees, Patagonia Sur´s reforestation efforts in the Valle California Reserve serve as a model for similar projects throughout South America. In 2010 the project achieved validation from the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), widely recognized as the global leader in certifications for the voluntary carbon management industry. The root of the project is the widespread burning of swaths of native forest in the 1940s to clear land for livestock grazing, including areas within Valle California. As of 2014, more than half a million saplings have been replanted, with the expectation that they will sequester 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes.
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For the long-term maintenance and integrity of the private land conservation model, we supported the creation of one of the first land trusts in Chile and South America — La Fundación Tierra Austral — an independent organization, whose mission is to monitor and enforce the conditions of Servidumbre Voluntarias, such as the one that governs the Valle California Reserve. Servidumbre Voluntarias adapt the enormously successful Conservation Easement model from the United States to the Chilean legal framework.  While the legal framework is consistent for each Servidumbre Voluntaria, the agreements may be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual properties and the landowners involved.

We work closely with our non-profit partner, The Patagonia Sur Foundation, whose mission is to encourage conservation and promote social and economic development by sponsoring Environmental Education and English language classes in towns near our properties. The Foundation also hosts capacity-building workshops for micro-enterprises, such as an organic farm and the Alto Palena Weavers’ Cooperative.
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Leveraging the forestry experience gained through our Carbon Offsets business, and motivated by a devastating forest fire in Torres del Paine National Park in 2012, Patagonia Sur launched the largest reforestation campaign in Chile’s history: Reforest Patagonia. This high-profile, public-private partnership aims to plant one million native-species trees in Torres del Paine and other national parks in Chilean Patagonia, and has received numerous awards and exposure.
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