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Patagonia Sur | For-Profit Conservationists


Carbon Offset Program

The $20 Climate Conscious option neutralizes the emissions of your reunion attendance by participating in the Colgate University Reunion Carbon Offset Program. Through a partnership with Patagonia Sur, Colgate will plant and maintain four native-species trees on your behalf. Class-wide participation among spring reunions would result in the creation of a 15-acre Colgate University Forest in Patagonia, Chile. Collectively, the forest’s 7,600 trees would absorb over 5.8 million pounds of CO2.

Valle California Project Statistics

  • 8,400-acre property
  • Native-species trees planted to reproduce a natural forest
  • 500,000 trees planted by 2012
  • Each tree will sequester 0.33 tons of CO2 over the first 50 years of its lifetime
  • Additional benefits include sustainable job creation, improved biodiversity, and enhanced wildlife habitat.
To find out more about the Patagonia Sur Reforestation project, visit our Carbon Offsets Overview.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint was calculated by analyzing a similar school's Spring 2010 reunion data. The breakdown of emissions associated with this three day event, accommodation, food and travel is shown below. Travel was the largest and most variable factor, our average below was for a four hour return flight.

Summary Table:

 1. Actual Event 0.001
 2. Travel  1.191
 3. Hotel  0.100
 4. Food  0.011
 TOTAL tons of CO2 1.303
 $15.00 per ton  $19.55

To do more, please visit our carbon calculator and shopping cart

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