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"Cars That Plant Trees"

Patagonia Sur & Land Rover in Capital magazine

Patagonia Sur’s Carbon Offsets partnership with Land Rover Chile is highlighted in Capital‘s January 25, 2013 online article, “Autos que plantan árboles” (“Cars That Plant Trees”). The original article appears here: The English translation appears below: Cars That Plant Trees By Maria Jose Salas, from Palena It’s not new to talk about groups that […]

Celine Cousteau “Join Céline Cousteau’s Sea Safari In Chilean Patagonia” features The Patagonia Sur Reserves’ special program with Céline Cousteau, world-renowned ocean explorer, photographer, documentarian, environmental champion, March 2-13, 2013:     Patagonia, a word that conjures remoteness … jagged snow-peaked mountains, glacial lakes, vast scrubby brush, brooding pampas, galloping horses, deep silence and Bruce Chatwin’s best-selling travel meditation on the “end of […]

"At the End of the World"

Patagonia Sur y Patagonia Sur Reserves fueron destacados en la edición de agosto 2012 de VOGUE.

Patagonia Sur and The Patagonia Sur Reserves are featured in the August 2012 edition of VOGUE Mexico & Latin America

Patagonia Sur Reserves fue el lugar escogido, y ambos Patagonia Sur y su socio Audemars Piguet del Círculo Corporativo de Conservación (C3) fueron destacados en el artículo “Al Fin del Mundo” en la edición de agosto 2012 de la revista VOGUE. Patagonia Sur Reserves is the setting, and both Patagonia Sur and its Corporate Conservation […]

Patagonia Sur

Patagonia Sur Receives Highest Global Accreditation for Carbon Offsets

Patagonia Sur’s native-species reforestation project in Chilean Patagonia has become accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard, one of the leading certifications within the global carbon management industry.  It is the first project to use trees native to Chile while focusing on restoring the country’s indigenous biodiversity. Patagonia Sur’s native-species reforestation project in Chilean Patagonia has become […]

Reforest Patagonia

REFOREST PATAGONIA: Patagonia Sur partners with the Chilean government in groundbreaking public-private campaign to plant 1,000,000 trees

    In Patagonia, nearly 7.5 million acres of native forest have been destroyed by fire and human intervention over the past 100 years. This year, a massive wildfire destroyed more than 42,000 acres in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, which UNESCO declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1978. This tragedy inspired the creation of […]

Patagonia Sur MelimoyuGlacier

Cutting edge eco-tourism in Chile’s last lonely wilderness

Canada’s second-largest  newspaper, The Globe and Mail, features Patagonia Sur: Gordon Pitts The Globe and Mail Published Saturday, April 21, 2012 In the dark dense rain forest of Chilean Patagonia, I am retracing the steps of Charles Darwin, in a search for the freak of a frog that bears his name. The charming quirk […]

Native-species seedlings for Patagonia Sur's Reforestation & Biodiversity Project

Santiago’s Peñalolén municipality partners with Patagonia Sur to offset part of its carbon footprint

Peñalolén Neutralizes some of its Carbon Footprint En Español: The service is voluntary and those interested may calculate the emissions generated by their vehicle, home, or the specific activity they would like to neutralize or offset to help create the “Peñalolén Forest” in Patagonia. The municipality of Peñalolén has launched a program to neutralize […]

BB 720 by 458

Participate in PRESERVING PATAGONIA: Conservation & Travel Photography Workshop, March 3-10, 2012

Join award-winning Conservation Photojournalist Bridget Besaw for a weeklong conservation and hands-on travel photography workshop experience at The Patagonia Sur Nature Reserve’s Valle California property, La Estrella, in Chilean Patagonia.


SNP Patagonia Sur’s new :30 video

Please view our new :30 video, which will give you a quick yet comprehensive overview of Patagonia Sur:

Whale fluke_Melimoyu_blog sized

Another Whale Season and Darwin’s Frog in Melimoyu

Fall and winter are also whale season in Melimoyu. In August, we saw two groups of whales in the Melimoyu Bay, one comprised of two whales, the other of four. And, our scientist-in-residence, Pete Stetson, found a Darwin’s Frog on our property, an exceptionally rare species.


Patagonia Sur Featured in Fortune Magazine

The March 21, 2011 issue of Fortune Magazine featured a six-page spread on Patagonia Sur.

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